being a niche in a niche festival

By icedwater in on
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This is really not my thing. Wading through some very well-dressed young(er, mostly) people living their best lives, indulging in their passions and emulating the characters they saw on screen. But it was the situation I had to endure in order to see the WWR Stardom showcase at Anime Festival Asia this year. I'd much rather be at a "wrestling wrestling" event, but this was the best way to catch a more approachable, personable local promotion: GrappleMax.

To be sure, the "EndBoss" is a friend of mine, but I think they show more interest in growing talent and testing new waters at GrappleMax than what I've seen of SPW. The partnership with NJPW and Stardom via Bushiroad is a prime example of that.

I should probably give SPW and Ring of Rebirth another look, though, maybe I'll try catching their shows next year.