old friends, we meet again

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Oddly enough, the file whose header I copied this from was dated exactly two years before this (OK, so I'm cheating, it's after midnight) but I suppose I had a relatively high chance of picking this one, given I'm not so prolific.

But asides aside, it was good to meet up with old buddies from the Singapore football (media) scene and talk about how the culture scene has evolved, but somehow remained the same.

We wrapped up the conversation (as far as I'm concerned) with the thought:

What are your values?

And while this was in the context of introspection within Singapore football community members (fans, coaches, staff, et al), I think it's good that from time to time we take a step back and reflect on our purpose and our goals*.

I don't think it's the year end that has got me all reflective but we owe it to ourselves to take stock along the way. Call it "appraisal season", if you must. Another theme that cropped up in the conversation was that while it is good to think about things, positive action is important, as change does not happen in a vacuum. And we can't effect change entirely on our own. We don't live in isolation, after all - many factors need to be in place.

Can professional football in Singapore emulate the Japanese scene? It's kind of annoying to think that we started at around the same time but have gone on two entirely different paths. Sure, they started a few years earlier than we did, but that hardly explains the gulf in standards today. And while it is tempting to blame it on FAMily ties, our obsession with ghosts isn't the only thing that has held us back.

We have moved forward, sure, but it's been stumble after stumble, and that's really frustrating. I hope we can reach mainstream acceptance in my lifetime after being used, among others, as a political football*.

*puns both intended, even if in retrospect.