How do I manage an overflowing stack?

By icedwater in on
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I've been trying to build more useful habits for myself, such as sleeping early (ha!), reading, and learning more code. It's kind of in the hope that some sort of accountability and routine can help me to grow around, over, and with ADHD.

I've been poking around a bit on StackOverflow and GitHub of late, and it began with the USB-HID version of the Android app that writes to the LED badge I bought at FOSSASIA this year.

I'd also talked with Pramod and still use his RetroNote app on a regular basis, which may have slightly motivated me in the direction of being a #BuildInPublic developer. Still unlikely to happen, though, I guess.

But I still want to get the internal open source thing going. Is recruiting for #TeamPlainText the way, as NoBoilerPlate suggests here?